Animal Game with Wuf Shanti-Dolphin: Wuf Shanti loves to share yoga poses with children and make it a ton of fun! In this video, Wuf Shanti pulls different toy animals out of a box, and whichever one gets picked, is the pose Wuf Shanti will do! The kids love to giggle in surprise as they see which animal comes out of the box. Join us by sharing your own version of your game and watch your kids’ faces light up with joy!

Wuf Shanti loves to learn new things. There are so many wonderful people and places in the world to see, and Wuf Shanti wants to explore and make new friends. Come with Wuf Shanti on this journey to learn yoga poses, mantras, and chakras, and find out why they are all wonderful for us to practice every day. Thinking well and making yoga a part of our lives can help keep us balanced and healthy.

Grown Ups: As you travel around the world with Wuf Shanti, ask your child which picture or pose they like the best. You may also like to discuss the benefits of each pose, the importance of thinking well and using mantras, and the different environments and cultures that Wuf Shanti is visiting. To see the video of the pose, just find the pose you like on our poses page, read the steps for each pose, and click on the link provided. Make sure you are always with your child when they are practicing their yoga. Enjoy!