We are pure potential energy in a constant state of motion and awareness! There are millions of electrical impulses moving through our bodies at all times. We are a jumble of emotions, feelings, sensations, thoughts, and actions. When you really look at how amazing it is to have this human life we cannot help but be fascinated and crave to learn more!

However, sometimes we need to move out of our scientific mind and into more subtle aspects of ourselves, like vibration. You may have seen the word chakra before, in fact we even have a chakra game to play on this site with different mantras. To give a simple explanation, chakras are wheels of light or energy, and mantras are positive statements that bring a sense of ease to your day. For example, I am happy, safe, and healthy. The following meditation will guide you to different energy centers (chakras) as they rise up the spine all the way to the top of the head. Although the energy rises up the spine, you will sense it in the front of the body as well. You will repeat a mantra in each area, at least once but if time permits, repeat it three times. This is a simple and quick meditation that you can do in 5 minutes if that is all you have, or stretch it out to 20 minutes.

Chakra balancing meditation:

To begin, find a comfortable place to sit tall or to lay on your back.

Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth in a sigh. Consciously release any tension in the mouth and neck. Continue to relax all the way down to your toes. Find a smooth natural breath  to sustain you during the practice.

Shift awareness or imagination to the base of your spine. Sense the color red. Visualize or sense tiny red roots drawing down your legs into the earth. Say to yourself…I am grounded…I am safe.

Move the attention to your lower belly the space just beneath your belly button. Visualize or imagine the color orange. Swirling orange in your lower belly. Warm and soothing. Say to yourself…I am creative…I am beautiful.

Shift awareness now to your upper belly, the solar plexus. Visualize or imagine a beautiful yellow color like the sun. Feeling an inner heat and energy. Say to yourself…I am strong…I am who I am.

Move the attention to the center of your chest, your heart center. Visualize the color of a beautiful green and shining emerald. Feel this opening your heart in a gentle way. Say to yourself…I am love…I am light.

Shift the awareness to your throat and neck. Visualize or imagine the color of bright blue, like the ocean or the sky. Feel it swirling in the throat through the breath. Say to yourself…I speak the truth…My words are powerful.

Move the attention now to the center of your forehead, between the eyebrows and a slightly upwards. Visualize or imagine the color of a deep purple like the sky at twilight. Feel a velvety and calming sensation. Say to yourself…I am the truth…I am authentic.

Shift the awareness to the top of your head. Imagine a beautiful white or golden light all around your head and perhaps even your entire body is surrounded in this light. Feel that you are safe and protected… Say to yourself…I am always supported and loved. I am light.

Allow yourself to be in this space of calm and peace for as long as you can. When your feel ready to come back, take 5 deep breaths, wiggle your fingers and toes, stretch your whole body. Give yourself the hug that you deserve for taking time to honor yourself.