Rainy days are the best days for manifestations! These days are perfect for getting organized and putting those ideas of yours into action! I think we can all admit that rainy days are also great for cuddling up with our favorite furry friend, a blanket, and a good book or movie. Don’t get me wrong, that sounds great to me too! However, if we are going to be honest with ourselves, most of us have projects that have been sitting on the back burner for too long. Some of us have amazing ideas spinning around in our heads but we do not have the time to organize them. I always suggest that we should walk the middle path in life, so how about cuddling for half of the day and then manifesting for the second half! That sounds like a good compromise! Our rainy day project idea comes in the form of a Vision Board. You will need a few easy to find and inexpensive tools to create your Vision Board and you will find most of them around your house!

1) A poster board or large piece of a cardboard box

2) A pair of scissors

3) A glue stick or sticky tape

4) Old or new magazines and newspapers

Once you have your items gathered sit down, put on your favorite music, and get started! Take your time and enjoy looking through your magazines and newspapers. Whenever you see a word, phrase, or picture that you feel connected to, go ahead and cut it out and make a little pile. If you already have a vision in mind such as growing a garden, look for pictures connected with that idea. Do not worry if you have no ideas that feel concrete. As you look through the magazines you will find inspiration! Once you feel as though your pile is complete, begin to attach the pictures to your board and suddenly your blank canvas is a Vision Board! Make sure and put your Vision Board in a place where you can see it and reflect on it every day. I promise in time you will see these images manifest in your life! Let us celebrate our rainy day manifestations and live each moment to the fullest!

Wuf Shanti….Wuf Peace…Wuf Namaste