Do you ever feel like the world and your life are passing you by quicker than you can blink your eyes? The answer is yes! We have found ways to fill every single minute of our days with projects and to do lists. The benefits of taking time out for yourself to meditate and connect with your breath is absolutely essential for health and longevity. Try your best to take at least ten minutes a day to slow down and just be. The following mindfulness meditation is simple yet very powerful. These are just a few easy guidelines that you can turn into something that is your very own! Wuf Peace!


Find a quiet space in your home or in nature where you will not be disturbed.

If possible remain in a comfortable seated position. Laying down tends to put you to sleep.

Close your eyes and visualize a place in nature that invokes blissful feelings.

Inhale a deep full breath through your nose and hold it for a more a moment and exhale a long sigh.

Repeat this for five rounds.

Rather than pushing away thoughts and any sounds that you may hear, embrace all of it.

Allow this to be your mindfulness meditation. Being in the world yet not affected by the world.

Be the observer as your breath is even and calm. Allow thoughts, feelings, and sensations to rise and fall.

Do not attach to anything that comes up for you. Simply watch, observe, and then let it go.

When you feel yourself attach to a thought pattern, take a deep breath, hold it, then exhale.

Visualize the thought or feeling leaving your mind through the breath. Be patient with yourself.

In time you will begin to notice a shift in your thought patterns and reactions.


Wuf Shanti wishes you love and light on your journey into mediation and hopes that you will take this special time for yourself as often as possible! Think well to be well!