How many times during your day are you able to actually be where you are? Have you ever noticed that most of the time you are anywhere but where you are? For instance, in this day and age of technology where we are supposedly more able to connect, we live totally unconnected! The next time you go out to lunch or coffee with a friend, be aware of how many people are not even speaking to each other. Instead they are buried deep in conversation with their phone. Sure, they may be sitting across from one another but they are not really there. And when you are done with the observation of others, take a look at your own behavior and notice that you most likely are doing the same thing. Technology is not to blame although we tend to point a quick finger at it. We are the ones responsible for our behavior. Many of us also live in the thoughts of the past or future. The thoughts in our head go back to old conversations and things that we wish we had done differently. And if we are not somewhere digging through the past, we are living in the future. Thoughts of where to go next or what to or how is all of this going to work out fill our brains. As hard as it is to admit and really accept, the past is the past. There is nothing that we can change about that unless we can build a time machine. Yes, we can learn from the past, it helped to carve out who we are today. But we dwell there for so long sometimes that we are unable to move forward. And the future, well who in the world really knows what that may hold!? We can make plans and have as many ideas as we want of how things should look, or when we will finally have the life that we have been dreaming of. Yes it is important to have goals and aspirations, just try not to live in those future events. The joy is in the journey. With all of the distractions in the world today it is easy to for get that we need to be where we are, and to be all there.When you allow yourself to be present you allow your self to live life to it’s fullest!  Now put your phone down and say hi to whomever is sitting across from you! Wuf Namaste!