Time quite literally flies by these days! I remember when I was younger and my parents and older friends would always tell me not to wish my life away. They always said that as you get older time passes much more quickly. Well, that was before the electronic age had really set in and our society became addicted stress and work. Sometimes I look at the calendar and feel as though there must have been some sort of time warp! How did it just feel like summer and now next week it is going to be October!

Unfortunately, we have been trained into thinking that we must fill every inch of our day with tasks and to-do lists. We feel that if we do not work ourselves down to the bone that we are not worthy or good enough. We often get ourselves into financial situations that force us to work this way in order to pay our debts. And of course, there are the times when unexpected things occur and we are forced work several jobs.

However, a lot of what we do in our lives is not necessary. We take on way too many things at one time and we get totally overloaded. When we get overwhelmed our stress level hits the roof. The way the body handles stress is not a pretty situation. Stress will be the demise of your body if you are not able to get a handle on it. It is not a coincidence that after a time of over working yourself, you become ill. The body does not do well under stress, in fact it actually begins to shut down and is one of the main causes of cancers and heart disease.

One of our goals here at Wuf Shanti is not only to bring mindfulness and fun practices to your kids, but we are here to assist you as parents and adults as well. It is not a coincidence that most of our society is on some sort of medication for stress and depression. Our kids are suffering the exact same issues and something simply has to shift.

We need to realize that we are enough exactly as we are. Even though we often feel trapped in the rat race of how much can we accomplish in one day, how fast can we reply to an email or text, we can get out of that cycle. I personally think that a lot of it boils down to the fact that we feel if we do not accomplish as much as we can, that we are not good enough. Well that my friends is simply not true. You are enough. You are perfect exactly as you are  and there is no reason that you need to prove yourself to anyone. Please take the time out of your life to slow down. Get outside and let our Mother Earth heal you. Cultivate a mindfulness practice like meditation, Yoga,Tai Chi, or even gardening. Find something that brings you a sense of calm and peace where you can feel your heart beat slow down, and your breath deepen. This is absolutely essential.

When you take the time to slow down and relax you will actually find that you can accomplish your tasks with much more grace and ease. We think that we are really good at multi-tasking, but we are not. All that we are doing is spreading ourselves too thin and bringing minimal energy to our tasks. You only have this one beautiful life, please live it fully and with joy!