Every Little Cell video with Wuf Shanti: This fantastic song, written by Haris Lender of Kidding Around Yoga, epitomizes our main mantra, Think Well to Be Well. Our minds control our bodies, and if we can teach children to think well, we can help them be healthy in mind, spirit, and body. In addition to yoga, breath work, mindfulness activities, and meditations are all important aspects of a wellness program that will help raise peaceful content loving adults. Wuf Shanti had the pleasure of hanging out with the wonderful Kidding Around Yoga team, and we are so thankful for being able to participate in their teacher training. Not only do they have creative ways to teach young yogis how to do all of the above, but they manage to make it fun and engaging as well. The kids love it, and smiles, laughter, and love abound. If you are interested in learning how to share this with your child, or if you are a teacher, and want to share this with your class, check out this OMazing company and join the family. Wuf Shanti, Wuf Peace, Wuf Namaste`! 🙂