Hi Friends! We are so honored and excited to share our Wuf Shanti TV Show with you (links below). Wuf Shanti is a dog character that teaches yoga and meditation to children through fun games and music, while teaching different lessons in each show. Think like Barney or Elmo for yoga. The Wuf Shanti short videos are already on the Children’s TV Network, which is the network that distributes in-house programming to the children’s hospitals across the county. They only accept positive programming that can help the kids heal, and science has shown that yoga, meditation and positive thinking can help the healing process and help the kids deal with emotions in a more productive way. It is also very relevant right now with everything going on in the world, and we are hopeful that Wuf Shanti can help spread peace and kindness.

Currently, the shows are on unlisted YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/WufShanti, which means you need these links to find it, because we wanted to share it with you first. There are two episodes (one is 13 min & one is 16 min). One of them is more of an educational tone and the other is more fun. They both have original music and yogic games. One of the shows is about diversity, inclusion, & kindness, and the other is about positive thinking and gratitude. Make sure the volume is up before beginning the show, and if you have any trouble streaming the video, let us know. 

We’d love your feedback on the show and would really appreciate if you would subscribe to the Wuf Shanti YouTube channel (it’s free), and like, share, and/or comment on the video.[Updated: The shows are now listed on YouTube]. Wuf Shanti videos are also on local PBS stations: http://www.southfloridapbs.org/wufshanti/

Wuf Shanti is currently on a tour of Children’s Hospitals. If you are affiliated with a children’s hospital that you would like for us to visit, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] .

Wuf Shanti TV Show-Episode One: Think Well to Be Well


Wuf Shanti TV Show-Episode Two: Smile and the World Will Smile With You


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Thank you!! Namaste` =)
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Giving Gratitude and Thinking Well, a Yogic-Minded Lifestyle for Children.