Sometimes when you are working hard towards a goal, it can be frustrating if things are going slower than you would like. And even we have to remind ourselves on occasion of the power of positive thinking, re-stating our intentions and repeating our mantras. So we did, and we want to share them with you. Our intentions with this character are as follows: (1) to teach the next generation to live in peace & gratitude, spread kindness, alleviate stress, & deal with emotions in productive ways so they grow up to be happier loving content adults, (2) to help children learn to think positively on a daily basis because science has shown that yoga, meditation, & positive thinking can help the healing process, and (3) to reach the kids when they are young in an effort to heal our planet.

As most of you already know, Wuf Shanti is a dog character that travels the world teaching yoga & meditation to children through fun games & music, while also teaching different lessons in each show (such as how to deal with life’s issues, e.g.: divorce, bullying, etc.). Wuf Shanti was created by a 12 yr-old boy to help promote health, wellness, & happiness in children, & help them deal with illness, stress, & emotions. Wuf Shanti visits schools, yoga studios, children’s hospitals, & charitable organizations, and we are currently on a tour of children’s hospitals. The Children’s Television Network distributes Wuf Shanti’s 60 short videos (2 min each) to all their children’s hospitals in the country.

We then went about creating the TV show (thank you to our Kickstarter supporters!), and the result of that endeavor are the links below which you can view (one is 13 min & one is 16 min). We are very honored and excited to share them with you, and they were created with love from our hearts to yours.

We have been in talks with agents, and that’s where it was becoming frustrating, so we decided to take a step back, and regroup. We embarked on a tour of children’s hospitals (if you have one you want us to visit, let us know!), we put the show on YouTube (currently unlisted so our fans can see it first, and we will open it to the public soon), we sent the show to our favorite mommy bloggers, talk show hosts, networks, and pioneers in yoga and meditation.

The day after we did that, someone sent us (unsolicited) this picture of their children enjoying the Wuf Shanti show. It is true that a picture speaks 1000 words. This particular picture was very timely, and took our breath away. We are so beyond grateful to the parents for capturing this moment and sharing it with us. There’s nothing that makes us happier than knowing that children are enjoying it and that we are making a difference in the world. It makes our hearts smile. Actually, we had to refrain from crying happy tears. It’s like letting your baby go out into the world and watching as it blossoms. This one picture gave us strength and resolve in our mission, helped us to know that what we are doing is worth it and matters to kids out there, and provides us with the courage and conviction to keep moving forward.

Thank you so much! Keep sending those pictures–we LOVE getting them!

Click these links to watch the shows here:

Episode 1-Think Well to Be Well: