What an honor to get to interview the OMazing Kid Capri for my Partners of Peace interview series! We learned all about his music, the way he copes with stress, his definition of success, his philanthropy founding the G.I.V.A Kid Foundation, and so much more. I’m truly grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with him.

The G.I.V.A.-Kid-Foundation provides children with educational needs through multiple services and programs. Your support empowers G.I.V.A.-KID-Foundation to provide children with resources for tutoring, breakfast on wheels, educational tools, School supplies and programs for sports, music, and arts.

Check out the interview here and let us know what you think:


“Money is not the success. The way you carry yourself when you walk on this Earth is the real success.” ~Kid Capri

To learn more about Kid Capri’s G.I.V.A Kid: http://www.givakid.com/

Wuf Shanti was created by a [now] 14 year-old that wants to bring people together and make a positive impact on the world towards peace, teach kids to deal with emotions, stop the violence, and live in health, wellness, and positivity. To learn more about Wuf Shanti: https://wufshanti.com/2018/05/about-wuf-shanti/