Day 2 of the #MindfulKidsPeaceSummit is here! The theme today is Living Together in Peace: Kindness and Anti-Bullying (Stop the Violence)

The online international Mindful Kids Peace Summit was created by teen Adam Avin for other teens, to be shown in schools across the world as part of the annual curriculum. It focuses on mental health & stopping violence. 50+ experts speak about diversity, inclusion, communication, kindness, anti bullying, peace, mindfulness, positivity, social emotional learning, emotional intelligence, coping with stress, coping with emotions, coping with trauma, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-compassion, positive psychology, interaction with others, & so much more. For more information about the #MindfulKidsPeaceSummit, Wuf Shanti, Kids Association for Mindfulness in Education and/or MindBe-Education, please visit and

Ok, this was a powerful one. This is an interview with #MSD Teacher Chelsea Briggs and #MSD Students Madison McEvoy and Jordan Tamares. I am so thankful to them for participating and supporting the summit. They are all so strong and inspiring.

“I think as long as we all work together, & #communicate nicely and figure out how we can work on things together, then the world will be a better place. We don’t have to agree on everything, we can agree to disagree, and still work on things.”-Madison

“We need to stop being on our own agendas and start listening to each other… It has to come to a #commonground, there’s always a common ground.”-Chelsea

“My number 1 answer to making the world a better place is spreading #awareness.” – Jordan

“I definitely #meditate a lot and it helps because it clears your mind and you’re not focused on everything going on in the world because it will drive you crazy.”-Madison

“At #MSD we have a #yoga program. It’s a PE Requirement. Kids love it. They take it & feel calm, especially this year, they’ve needed it more than ever. They take the time to calm students down, make them feel included w/ their peers.”- Chelsea

“I’m a fan of #yoga so I do that a lot and that helps a lot by just calming yourself and getting into that mindset of just being comfortable.”- Jordan

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