So it’s really neat to go online and be surprised by articles about you that you had no idea were being written, especially if they are kind words, like this one was in The Daily Meditator newsletter (September issue). Thank you so much to the people at The Daily Meditator for surprising me with a nice shout out, and helping us spread our message. Mindful programs need to be in every school K-12, and you’re right, kids love to learn from other kids, and need to use their voices to make positive change in the world.

I’m 15 now, and the dog costume doesn’t fit me anymore, so we have to get other people to wear it, but I still go with Wuf Shanti to schools, and I love seeing the kids smile and laugh when they practice mindfulness with Wuf Shanti. It’s so important to teach MBSEL in early learning so that kids can grow up to be less depressed and anxious, and healthier happier peace loving empathetic adults.