Day 2 of the MKPS re-release with new content. This time around, by request, in addition to our mindfulness and SEL content, we have added content about mental health, substance abuse, phone and gaming addiction, suicide prevention, and trafficking.

Check out this interview with Diamond Howard and LaQueda Lewis of Hanley Foundation. We spoke about the importance of of being informed about trends, and about how substance abuse and addictions can affect mental health.

“Educate yourself on the new trends because they change all the time, and they are dangerous, so know what’s out there. Vaping is a drug; it does have high levels of nicotine, and is addictive. It can cause health issues like popcorn lung, seizures, and in some case, death, and there is also the 2nd hand and 3rd hand smoke that can affect the people around you in the community.”

“Really talk and listen to your friends because if you’re really hearing them, you may save their life.”

To hear what else they have to say and register for the summit:

The online international Mindful Kids Peace Summit was created by teen mental health education advocate, Adam Avin, for other teens, to be shown in schools across the world as part of the annual curriculum. It focuses on mental health & stopping violence. 70+ experts speak about diversity, inclusion, communication, kindness, anti bullying, peace, mindfulness, positivity, social emotional learning, emotional intelligence, coping with stress, coping with emotions, coping with trauma, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-compassion, positive psychology, interaction with others, & so much more. For more information about the #MindfulKidsPeaceSummit, #WufShanti, or the #KidsAssociationforMindfulnessinEducation, please visit,, and/or

To learn more about Hanely Foundation’s services, please visit:

Thank you so much Ms. Howard and Ms. Lewis for joining us on the MKPS! We really appreciate it!