Thank you to the Pathway to Wellness 21 Day Challenge for Mindful Parenting for having me on your podcast today. I talk a lot about how #mindfulness can help kids and teens, but as our host Annika points out, parents need to be actively involved too.

#JointheChallenge #WalktheWalk #PutthePhoneDown #Breathe #TeachOurKids #HopefortheFuture

I’m honored to have been invited to speak with some great experts like two of my mentors, Helen Maffini and Dr. Christopher Willard. Thank you Love Yoga Festival Cape Cod for including me.

Join the group and listen to the interview here:[0]=AZWu4GEljVtdDHQPF7YhZN9jSut-oixHEK2AWW3Hy2jOTvWMIsevNgnoREDBOQwSvATCTsph0ncELtEyhXi0PisZDUqDUg9Mn8n1ZEFyEC10Lx4CJ5MbvQvQ0-czBhollzbmJzR-LeEWat9r2NfOeU6N&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R