One of my favorite songs 93 Million Miles, by the amazing Jason Mraz has a line that says; “you can always come back home”. Music is such a powerful force on this planet and I am so thankful for the talented artists that share their creative energy with the world. When I hear this song I feel that home is inside of me.

The reason I resonate so deeply to this particular song is because you really can always come back home. The word home can take on several meanings. When we often think of home, we may picture where we grew up or where we live now. Perhaps we think of the land or state that we were born in. I personally think that home is in the heart. Ahh yes that famous tag line that we see at every Cracker Barrel on the interstate “Home Is Where The Heart Is”. These are the truest words to ever be printed on a piece of wood to hang above our doorways! However, I think that we should make a necklace with those words that we can carry with us everywhere. The word home doesn’t have to mean a physical dwelling. If home is where the heart is, don’t we carry our heart with us everywhere?

Living the life of a traveling Yoga Dog, spreading the teachings from my grandfather hasn’t always been an easy road. For me, and for many others,  “home” was sometimes a complicated place where I wasn’t always understood. There are a lot of kids out there that do not have a physical home to go to, but that certainly doesn’t mean that they are homeless. Sometimes things happen that force us to leave our home, but that is ok because it is just a material home. That is the amazing thing about carrying your true home around with you in your heart, it goes everywhere that you go!

Coming back home is the feeling that you get when you spend time with your best friend after you have been apart. There may be days, weeks, or months that go by between visits, but immediately you feel at home with them. Maybe the feeling of coming back home arises when you hear a certain song and remember where it was that you first heard it, and whom you were with at the time. Home can feel like your Yoga mat too! For me, no matter what may be going on in the world around me, as soon as I step my paws on to my mat, I feel at home.

What are the places, things, and people that make you feel like you are coming back home? Close your eyes and tune into your breath and consider this for a moment. Notice the flood of warmth that comes into your heart, and you didn’t even have to go anywhere! Find your home inside of your soul. It is a special place that is just for you and it is magical…and you can visit anytime!!