Take a moment and really look at the picture from which this blog was inspired. Really look at it, the textures, the colors, the background and foreground. What do you see? What stands out the most?

As many of you follow Wuf Shanti, you have probably noticed that Wuf loves to travel. Most recently Wuf took a journey to the beautiful and colorful country of Peru. The above picture is only one of many taken along this  incredible adventure, yet it is a very important one.

When you were asked to look at the picture, you saw many things just as we did. However, the most important and impactful aspect of this picture is a smile. And not just one smile, but three beautiful smiles that light up the screen!  These smiles were not for the camera either! This picture was taken during a moment of pure joy, when no one pictured here even knew the shot was taken!

In Peru there are many indigenous tribes. The way each tribe dresses is significant of the region in which they live. But the one similarity among all of these people are their smiles. These people have very little in the manner of material goods. Many of them make money by asking the tourists to take their picture with baby goats and sheep or with their adorable children. They struggle quite a bit in our minds, but you do not see it on their face, you only see smiles.

Pure joy is not something that can be scripted out or forced. This type of joy arises from being happy from the inside out. When we are happy on the inside, it radiates out in the form of a smile. That smile then lights up the world and creates more and more joy! We have so much to be thankful for, so many aspects of our lives that are pure joy. Find what brings you this happiness and make it a conscious effort, every single day, to feel it and share it!