How has it been 10 years already?

Happy 10th Birthday Wuf Shanti! 🎂🎉

To the people who were with us from the very beginning, you are forever family. Thank you for believing in Wuf’s mission to help kids and teens live mindfully. 🙏💝

It all started with a drawing. 🐶

In the past 10 years, I’ve learned how to write and publish books, produce and direct videos, create podcasts and TV shows, design a mobile app, develop a curriculum, lead a peace summit, and so much more.

I’ve been fortunate to have some great experiences. I’ve been able to interview some amazing people, travel to schools and children’s hospitals, speak to groups of students, educators, and parents, do a TED Talk, start a non-profit, be a keynote speaker and an advocate for mental health education, and most especially meet some amazing people.

I’ve learned my own lessons too along the way. I’ve learned about perseverance, dedication, authenticity, self-care, patience, confidence, perspective, and of course (even though I have to remind myself sometimes) to practice what I preach and prioritize the pause.

It’s hard to describe the amount of gratitude that I feel. I’m starting my freshman year of college, trying to get acclimated and have new responsibilities, but I’m not leaving Wuf Shanti. I will always be involved because Wuf Shanti is part of who I am. In fact, I have a book coming out in 2023 called Stress Less: Mindfulness for Teens and I’m excited about that! But I am taking a step back for a bit so that I can experience college right now.

To the people who have mentored me during the past 10 years, I appreciate you, the time you took out of your day to write me or call me or guide me, the encouragement you sent my way whenever I tried something new, the faith you had in me as I (and Wuf Shanti) grew up and evolved. I can’t thank you enough.

They say if you help one person, then you’re making a difference. You all made a difference. I hope I’ve helped someone along the way too. And I will continue to pay it forward.

To my mom, I could not have done any of this without you. You have been my biggest cheerleader, supporter, and yes, momager, lol. I’m so grateful that I got to go on this journey with you and for everything that we’ve experienced together. I love you.

May the next 10 years be just as special for Wuf Shanti and all of you.

Wishing you wellness,