Today Wuf Shanti went to visit the kids in the Early Learning Center at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. We sang songs, played games, did some yoga and meditation, and learned all about Thinking Well to Be Well. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing those smiling faces enjoying themselves while learning how to live in peace and gratitude. When we watch them hold their neighbor’s hand and act with kindness towards another, it gives us hope for this crazy beautiful world of ours. We are so excited to go back and visit them again soon!


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Wuf Shanti has 7 books (6 fiction and 1 non-fiction), 100+ videos, and a mindful mobile app. You can see Wuf Shanti videos on local PBS stations in SFla, on the Children’s TV Network (the in-house TV station at children’s hospitals across the country and internationally), and on the Wuf Shanti mobile app. Our curriculum focuses on mindfulness in early education, including Yoga, meditation, positive thinking, diversity, inclusion, gratitude, communication, peace, and kindness. Our Wuf Shanti mascot tours schools and children’s hospitals to share these practices with the children. If you are affiliated with a school or hospital you would like for us to visit, please contact us at [email protected].

During the most recent Mind & Life Institute Conference which focused on Mindfulness in Early Learning, the Dalai Lama said that “we must scale up” and teach these important tools during early learning years if we really want to stop the violence and make a positive impact on the world for the next generation. Please join us in our mission to heal this planet and make it a better place for our kids.

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