It’s really cool when Wuf Shanti’s friends from around the world write to him (me) about their mindful projects. Recently, I received a great letter from Jailynn (10) and Adriana (9), who sent me this cute picture and a great letter about an OMazing #mindful playground that they are building in their community. And included in the letter was this awesome picture of Wuf!

They are in the Boys and Girls Club at Linden Hill and this LEGO League season their innovative project was to identify a problem in a public space or building in the community. They all thought that playgrounds can be very hectic places, so they decided to research how to build a space on their playground that will give kids a space to use when they are feeling mad, sad, upset or overwhelmed. After talking to experts (like Wuf Shanti) they learned that walking, yoga, mindfulness, scents, reading and music all help to calm down and focus. They created a blueprint for a Mindfulness Walkway, which will include four stations, yoga, a scents garden, a reading area and an area with wind chimes. They are also going to have a buddy bench.

They hope to build each station on the playground once the weather gets warmer. Jailynn and Adriana’s club earned the robot performance award for the highest robot game score and earned the champions award. That award goes to the team that best embodies the FIRST LEGO League experience, by fully embracing the Core Values while achieving excellence and innovation in both the Robot Game and Design, and the Innovation Project. Now they are off to the state championships!

Congrats on winning the champion award, and for creating a #peaceful place for your friends!

I LOVE getting letters from kids who have been positively impacted by our lovable character and our programming. It was my honor to help you in any small way that I could, and I’m so proud of all you have done. Thank you so much for writing to me! I can’t wait to see the pictures of the mindful playground. You are all great for wanting to make a positive impact on your community and in the world!