Cool news. During these stressful times, Wuf Shanti videos can now be seen on expanded platforms. We are very grateful for that.

Wuf Shanti is on this new Free roku #educational channel, Adventure 2 Learning. Watch for #yoga #meditation for the kids! They Love our #mindful dog character!‬ We are also on the Children’s TV Network channel as well. Search for Adventure 2 Learning or Children’s Television Network in the Roku Channel Store.

The Children’s TV Network is the channel that is shown in hospitals across the globe, with a focus on positive content only. Adventure to Learning is health and fitness programming that’s shown in 25,000 schools. Both are now more accessible to the public with their new free Roku channels. We are proud to be part of their wonderful teams.

Also download the #wufshanti mobile app for Free for mindful games, videos, & music. For little ones at home, we have made the Wuf Shanti mindful mobile app FREE for download. Includes music, 100 videos, games, yoga, meditations, positivity. *with dog character