“Stress is caused by being “here” but wanting to be “there” Eckhart Tolle

How does anxiety and stress effect us negatively?

Let’s just consider a scenario…you woke up this morning late for work. You jump out of bed immediately putting the body in a state of “fight” since as much as you may like to take the “flight” response, you have bills to pay and need to keep your job. Due to this reaction, cortisol and adrenaline are surging through your body. Your breath has become more shallow and faster while your heartbeat tries to keep the pace with your breath. Your core body temperature begins to rise. As morning unfolds various things begin to add to the stress, the baby is crying, the dog peed on the new carpet, your partner reacts to your stress and you have a quarrel, the car battery dies, and once the car is finally running, there is a major traffic jam to deal with. By the time you arrive at work you are completely drained emotionally and physically. So what do you do? You go and grab a cup of coffee and something sweet to comfort you which only adds to your anxiety. Your body does not need to rev back up, it needs to calm down and rest. But you have a full day ahead of you to deal with! Does this scenario relate to you in at least some way? And these are just day to day stressors, never mind the big events like natural disasters, serious health diagnosis, divorce, death of a loved one, and the list goes on. These events whether they are big or small have a serious effect on our physiology. In addition, we live in a fast paced society where we want instant gratification for everything and constantly feel like we need to be “on”. This “on” will last for some time until the body decides it is time for “off”. Stress is directly linked to heart disease, cancers, weight issues, depression, auto immune diseases, reproductive issues, insomnia, digestive issues, cognitive and memory problems, skin conditions, isolation, fatigue, pain, drug and alcohol abuse, and the list continues. The good news is that through yoga, meditation, and breathing practices, you can begin to get a handle on your stress and live the best version of yourself! Stay tuned to our blogs for upcoming practices to incorporate into your life on a daily basis to release stress and anxiety!

Wuf Peace!