We love seeing articles about our work in mainstream media, but it is really cool to see it in the ‘special mental health edition’ of a high school produced magazine. We especially like your title: “Television, TED Talks, and Teaching: Adam Avin Changes the Future Through Mental Health Education.” Adam has been visiting high schools to speak with the students about mindfulness and social emotional learning.

Thank you to the students who found our work interesting and important enough to write about in their newsletter, especially to the student who reached out to let Adam know how much his work has helped her through tough times, and asked him not to stop trying to get these mental social emotional mindful programs into K-12 schools.  We hope we are able to help even one child, and we promise not to give up.

*Correction in the article: Adam’s TEDxYouth was in Kansas City. And the Children’s Television Network is the name of the station that’s in hospitals across the country.

Link to the full article: http://thelariatonline.com/television-ted-talks-and-teaching-adam-avin-changes-the-future-through-mental-health-education/