Happy National Guidance Counselor Day! I actually wanted to write this last week, but this was the first chance I got to sit at the computer and share my thoughts. What is a Guidance Counselor? If we are very lucky, then it’s someone who cares about the students above and beyond the current matter at hand. Everyone has an issue that has popped up in school that they maybe need to discuss with a guidance counselor, and maybe you think you can only talk to them about school stuff, but actually, you can talk to them about whatever is going on in your life.

When people ask me what to do if they are facing difficult times, are sad or upset, or stressed, I always suggest talking. And that means to anyone you feel comfortable with, just don’t hold it in. Talk to a friend, or a trusted adult, a parent, teacher, coach, mentor, etc. Just talk. Sometimes my generation forgets how (I’m not blaming the phones…but I mean, come on…).

This is my guidance counselor, and I adore her and am so grateful for her. She has my back. I can go talk to her whenever I need to, and I know that she is listening and that she cares and that she will help if she can. We are different people (male, female, black, white, young and younger :), working and in school), and yet, we care a lot about each other. I’m one of the lucky ones, because I know she’s there if I need to talk to her, and I know she’ll advocate for my best interests.

If you have a guidance counselor that has been there for you, do something nice for them, like write a thank you note or something to let them know they have made a difference in your life. If you haven’t met your guidance counselor yet, go introduce yourself, because it certainly can’t hurt, and you may meet someone who becomes a huge source of support.

Thank you Ms. L! I appreciate you!